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  • Sales Engine

    Recruitment number: several people
    Work location: National
    Description of job:
    1. Responsible for sales and market development of 2G/3G/4G communication module products.
    2. Responsible for market expansion and customer development in the jurisdictional area, completing the company's sales tasks.
    3.Support the marketing activities of agents and assist in the development of new customers.

    1. College degree or above in electronic communication and marketing related majors, with relevant experience is preferred;
    2. Strong communication skills and business processing skills, good teamwork awareness;· 
    3, more than 1 year sales experience, familiar with the wireless communication module market, security monitoring, automotive electronics, industrial routing, intelligent POS and other industries are preferred;· 
    4. The conditions for outstanding graduates can be relaxed.
    Basic salary + performance bonus + high sales commission
    On-the-job pays five insurances and one gold + high commercial insurance + talent recommendation award + rich team activities + domestic and international travel + paid vacation + birthday benefits, etc.
    Professional paid training system, the company attaches great importance to the growth of employees, and the newcomers immediately enjoy 15-30 days of systematic training.
    Interested parties please send your resume to hr@yuge-info.com Contact: Miss Ni Tel: 021-50177336


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